Soon the interest in selling fireworks will reach its zenith. This seasonal business attracts with high profitability and high profits, which can be obtained in a short time by observing a few elementary principles. It is worth remembering that in order for such trade to be profitable, you need to prepare yourself well for it. The stand must meet a number of special requirements, and the best locations are worth taking up already in October. We suggest what else you need to know.

Sale of fireworks not only before New Year’s Eve

Trade in fireworks is a profitable but specific business. Theoretically, the hot season is short, but you do not have to worry about the expiry date. You can trade it throughout the year. Importantly, it is a profitable activity, which is why it is becoming more and more popular. It is influenced by the high margin of sold products and large revenues that can be worked out in a short time.

Cooperation with experienced wholesaler of fireworks is the basis

However, for a seasonal trade in fireworks to be fully profitable, you need to ensure the right range. Our wholesale of fireworks in Łódź has been operating for over 5 years and has a wide offer of over 2,000. products. Our pyrotechnic materials have approvals and attached instructions in Polish. Among them you can find, among others, launchers, various types of firecrackers, rockets, volcanoes and many more. We provide our trade partners with assistance in the selection of fireworks, so that the effect is high sales and attractive profits. What’s more, we also help in taking the most attractive locations and share our experience in the long-term sale of pyrotechnic products. By establishing cooperation with the PyroTech fireworks wholesale company you can count on selected, best-selling fireworks packages from over 3,500 fireworks available in our warehouse. This is a great convenience, because starting your adventure with fireworks trade and not knowing the range, you can lose a lot by choosing it incorrectly. We share our many years of experience with clients of our fireworks warehouse. We also help to adapt the area to seasonal trade in fireworks to meet all the standards required by law and possible control by the Police or Fire Brigade. In addition, we provide our trusted clients with advertising banners, professional pyrotechnics support team and fast fireworks delivery even on New Year’s Eve!

Sales of fireworks – what formalities must be met?

Although the law does not require the fireworks traders to have special permits, there are regulations that make unskilfully run businesses likely to cause many problems. It is worth knowing that the trading post must comply with the restrictive guidelines set out in the Minister of Development’s announcement of 22 January 2016 regarding the publication of a uniform text for the Minister of Economy, Labor and Social Policy dispute regarding health and safety at work, in-house transport and the circulation of explosives including pyrotechnic articles.
It shows among others:

  • at the place of seasonal sale of fireworks, there may not be more than 1000 kg of gross goods (pyrotechnic articles of class 1, 2 and 3, T1, P1) on sale for more than 21 days. In the case of trade in fireworks under 21 days, this value drops to 300 kg,
  • the stand should also be equipped with at least two foam extinguishers with a minimum 6-liter capacity of extinguishing agent and a fire blanket,
  • shelves, shelves and other furnishing of rooms should be made of fire-retardant materials, the temperature at a height of 1m from the ground can not exceed 30 ° C,
  • pyrotechnic articles should have adequate safeguards,
  • the object should have an efficient ventilation system,
  • punk sales of seasonal fireworks should have security against theft,
  • in the object window openings should have appropriate (minimum) dimensions,
  • the employer should also develop and have up-to-date instructions for storing pyrotechnic articles,
  • by selling fireworks for more than 90 days, the employer develops the qualification cards for the objects,
  • sales of pyrotechnic articles in other facilities must be carried out only on separate stands, without the possibility of self-service sale (GOODS YOU ARE SELLER!)There are many more fortifications (including the fireworks themselves). For the person starting their adventure with seasonal fireworks trade (be full-year) acts of the above announcement may seem quite complicated. All companies and persons cooperating with our wholesalers provide full legal support and create the required documentation.

Sales of fireworks – what PKD?

You often ask us what PKD will be suitable for selling fireworks. In 90% cases it will be PKD 47.89. Z (Other retail sales products carried out on stalls and marketplaces) – if the stand with fireworks takes the form of a market stall, it is kept in a tent or container.

The next option is PKD 47.78. Z (Other retail sales of new products carried out in specialized stores) – if we only sell fireworks, pyrotechnics or militaries, e.g. in the premises or of another property ( buildings permanently associated with the land).

The next option is PKD 47.19. Z (Other retail sales conducted in non-specialized stores).

Basically, it does not hurt to just enter all at once as we have, though a shadow of doubt to choose. We can have them entered as much as we want. We also recommend creating a trusted profile that allows you to change PKD and all company data in 2 minutes via the Internet .

Sales of fireworks to people over 18 – legal acts

There are a lot of articles in the network with information about the prohibition of selling fireworks to minors, but none of these articles will find a reference to the relevant directive. Well, the age limits for the sale of pyrotechnic articles in the EU are as follows:

  • class 1 – 12 years,
  • class 2 – 16 years,
  • class 3, P1, T1 – 18 years,
  • class 4, P2, T2 – only people with specialist knowledge.

However, in Poland the age restriction on the sale of pyrotechnic articles (fireworks) in classes 1 to 3 (+ P1 and T1) is 18 years . The EU imposes minimum requirements and the country can overstate the standards.

Directive on the sale of fireworks: DIRECTIVE 2007/23 / EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 23 May 2007 on the placing on the market of pyrotechnic articles (Text with EEA relevance)

For the sake of clarity, we’ll give you what the different classes of pyrotechnic products mean:
Class 1 : spectacular fireworks with a low hazard level and negligible noise level for use in confined areas, including pyrotechnic articles showrooms intended for use in residential buildings;
Class 2: fireworks with low hazard and low noise levels for outdoor use in confined areas;
Class 3: fireworks show explosive mid-range products intended for outdoor use in large open spaces and whose noise level is not harmful to human health;
Class 4: fireworks, high-risk pyrotechnics, intended for use only by people with specialist knowledge, commonly known as ”
spectacular pyrotechnic products for professional use “and whose noise level is not harmful to human health;

Class T1: pyrotechnics for stage use with low hazard;

Class T2: pyrotechnics for use in scientific applications intended for use only by persons with specialist knowledge;

Class P1: pyrotechnic articles other than fireworks and theatrical pyrotechnic articles with a low degree of hazard;
Class P2: Pyrotechnic articles other than fireworks and theatrical pyrotechnic articles intended for use or used only by persons with specialist knowledge.

High profits and high responsibility

Additionally, it is worth remembering that seasonal fireworks trading requires special insurance. An error caused by ignorance, such as neglecting a customer with a cigarette or non-compliance with the regulations prohibiting the sale of fireworks to minors, may result in high fines at best. So it’s better not to get involved in selling fireworks without the proper facilities, but use the expertise of an experienced fireworks warehouse, such as ours.
We invite you to cooperate and contact anyone interested in the seasonal fireworks trade or fireworks displays by mail or direct meeting.