Impressive shots, illuminating the sky, we associate with the New Year’s Eve, family celebrations and summer outdoor events. Fireworks have been with us for hundreds of years, and their popularity is not diminishing. When looking for a proven fireworks store, it is worth choosing a professional seller who has been active on the market for many years. The PyroTech pyrotechnic shop offer responds to the needs of both amateurs and professionals. Among thousands of products you will find basic firecrackers as well as advanced rocket launchers.

All-year-round firework stores in and around Lodz

 We run the largest store of pyrotechnics in Łódź . You will find only premium quality goods with us. We offer pyrotechnic products that meet the requirements of the latest regulations introduced by the European Union. When choosing a PyroTech fireworks store, you can be sure that you are buying safe firecrackers from renowned manufacturers. According to our motto, shooting is to be safe and pleasant. During a visit to our fireworks store, we can introduce you to the arcana of art, which is pyrotechnics and present all the rules related to the conscious and safe organization of shooting. As a titled organizer of pyrotechnic shows and the award-winning participant of world-class pyrotechnic festivals, we offer comprehensive services that will allow you to create a unique spectacle based on bangs, shots and effective flares .

Offer of a professional pyrotechnic shop

We have the largest range of pyrotechnic products in the country . Our offer is the fruit of many years of work, selection of goods and meticulous quality tests. In the offer of our fireworks shop in Lodz you will also find professional accessories that enable you to organize a pyrotechnic show, pyrotechnic accessories from reputable manufacturers and remote rac firing systems. We have accessories that will attract the attention of die-hard fans and products that give phenomenal lighting effects: stroboscopes, flares, flares. Cake fountains will be a nice addition to a birthday party or jubilee party. We have not forgotten about confetti and serpentines, which are thrown into the sky using pyrotechnic charges. Pneumatic tubes, filled to the brim with papers of various shapes, are perfect for large galas and small celebrations. The offer is completed by up to 50 different types of fumes: grenades, flares and smoke bombs . You also buy Chinese lanterns that float in the sky thanks to the action of warm air and holi powder, an indispensable element of fluo party events. The pillar of our offer is pyrotechnic products from the category:

Factory of pyrotechnic bombs used in our shows.
  • firecrackers in every possible release. We have a variety of firecrackers, professional firecrackers and effective fire-flash. In the PyroTech firecracker shop in Lodz you will find firecrackers fired with drums and traditional firecrackers equipped with a fuse. Those thirsty for maximum sensations will certainly pay attention to sequential firecrackers with loads of more than 200 shots and loud FP3 Jorge firecrackers. We also have really strong firecrackers for demanding customers!
  • rockets are a strong item in our range of pyrotechnic products. We have rockets that will make spectacular shapes and colors appear in the sky. Among them: stars, exploding stars, rockets with a cracling effect, colorful palms or explosive peonies. In our store you will find rockets of every possible caliber from XS rockets with a small span of effect by mixes of fireworks mixes of different caliber up to the big XXL rockets that rise up to tens of meters. Fans of the most spectacular outbursts will find XXL rockets.
  • fireworks launchers from PyroTech have a set of approvals and certificates as well as legible operating instructions in Polish. Launchers is a popular product because the use of it is safe and the effect is spectacular. We have fireworks launchers that can fire 8 to 300 beautiful shots into the sky. To start them, it is enough to fire one fuse. Transient, vertical, panoramic or mobile effect? No problem. Give yourself 240 shots and effects lasting 10 seconds or 19 blasting launcher used to prepare a pyrotechnic show lasting 3 minutes. Choose one of the 500 launchers and make the sky over your head take color!
  • fireworks volcanoes that emit a breathtaking effect are used to fire off the ground. Such fireworks create eye-catching sheaves of multi-colored sparks, emit rays or explode with the sound effect. Different shapes, effects and colors make everyone find the perfect volcano with us. In our pyrotechnic shop, volumetric and conical volcanoes are available. Among the 60 types of volcanoes you will find small cake fountains, small volcanoes and enormous volcanoes that contain several kilos of explosive charge and can run for over a minute.
  • cold fires are synonymous with Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties. This is one of the most-bought pyrotechnic products. They are safe and effective, even a child can use them. Even fierce fireworks opponents love cold fires. We have products in various sizes, if you care about a long effect, choose a 70-cm cold XXL fire. When looking for cold fires for a children’s party, pay attention to shorter fires of 10 or 15 cm in length. Cold fires are a safe pyrotechnic product, but despite the name they are not 100% cold. When activating them, please keep  caution.

Pyrotechnical shop: what fireworks are the best?

In the offer of our fireworks store in Łódź you will find pyrotechnic products from the best producers, including:

  • Jorge,
  • Triplex,
  • Tropic
  • Kasak Extreme,
  • Klásek
  • Piromax
  • Gaoo

The largest fireworks store is located near Łódź . There are 3500 various pyrotechnic products waiting for you, professional advice. We are distinguished by affordable prices and numerous promotions: a visit to our store will allow you to find cheap and effective fireworks.