Warsaw authorities following the cities of Kraków, Poznań, Toruń, Olsztyn, Sosnowiec, Słupsk and Białystok have decided to give up the New Year pyrotechnic display . Local self-advocates argue their decision about animal health. Why is this a wrong idea and works completely in the opposite way than it was assumed?

First of all, this is a badly identified threat. The New Year’s pyrotechnic display as well as any other major pyrotechnic implementation is carried out about the hour known to residents and the expected duration. Thanks to this, the owners of quadrupeds know exactly in which moment to distract the animal (through play, turning on loud music or a close presence) vulnerable to explosions. The main threat to animals are just “amateur” fireworks for the average consumer, which are fired over a large space of time and can not be controlled. In every city on New Year’s Eve and in the next few days, every moment you can hear explosions of various types of fireworks fired by city dwellers, which intensify with each minute closer to zero. The decision of local government officials prompts residents to buy fireworks and organize “fireworks shows” on their own.

What will be the consequences of local government decisions?

Instead of a 15-minute pyrotechnic show conducted by professionals who use specialized pyrotechnic materials (much more impressive) and synchronize the show with various musical pieces giving the show artistic character (yes, we have such bands in Poland!) We will have several hours of uncontrolled shooting. In addition, fireworks bought by residents are fired very often between blocks, houses and in addition often by people under the influence of alcohol!

Have local government officials heard about silent fireworks shows?

Yes, we also have something like that in Poland! As in every industry, the market adapts to the needs of consumers. For several years, even our company has been offering “silent fireworks displays”. During this kind of shows, we use pyrotechnic charges of the “SILENTY” type (name introduced to the market 3 years ago by our company), which generate a lower level of sound intensity – up to 80 dB instead of standard 120 dB.

What were the self-government’s guiding?

Probably the decisions taken result from the lack of adequate information potential and from the pressure of certain animal protection environments, which are also not fully informed. In addition, this is not a democratic solution, because certainly the opposite of the loud fireworks constitute a minority. Our experience shows that the majority of urban residents are attached to traditional New Year’s celebrations and other celebrations – accompanied by firework shows. The compromise is certainly a silent fireworks – every year we carry out many projects of this type, including New Year’s Eve. However, for sure pyrotechnic shows with the use of traditional fireworks organized for thousands of residents (who would otherwise fire the fireworks themselves) in a predetermined time will save the stress of a quadruped.

The article is completely objective and informative. We were not to carry out the implementation in any of these cities. We have a fireworks warehouse and many retail outlets.