International Toy Fair is the largest event of its kind in the world. It is already the 69th trade fair, and this year lasts 5 days. They start on January 31, 2018 and end February 4, 2018. Last year, 2871 exhibitors from 63 countries attended the fair, and 73300 visitors from 123 countries visited the exhibition.

The fair concerns both toys, hobby articles, entertainment and fireworks.

Admission to the fair is limited to specialists in the toy industry, press representatives and invited guests. The event is an excellent communication platform for domestic and international producers as well as specialized resellers and buyers from around the world.

Conference and business center NürnbergMesse

New products are presented at the fair, and those with a high degree of innovation, creativity, ingenuity and concept receive the “ToyAwards” prize, which is awarded in five categories.

The International Toy Fair in Nuremberg is also a comprehensive review of the industry, which is an indispensable source of information for the annual market orientation.

During the fair, there are also topics related to the future of the toy industry, sustainable development, toy safety, toy trading, marketing and effective sales on the Internet.

For our industry, of course, the most interesting category of “toys” are fireworks. At the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, many well-known importers and producers of fireworks have been exhibiting for many years in the world. Polish companies also have their stands.

Report from the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg – 2018

Due to the fact that the said fairs are also one of the largest exhibitions of companies offering pyrotechnic products we decided to go to the place to check the latest trends, talk to numerous manufacturers, importers, owners of the most recognizable companies on the European market fireworks and visit the stands of Polish pyrotechnic importers.

We set off from Lodz around 2 o’clock on the night of 01/02/2018 to reach the destination around 10 am. After reaching the destination, we realized the enormity of the held fairs. Thousands of cars, tens of thousands of people, 15 halls with a total area of ​​170000 m 2 . As every year, the fair was held at the NürnbergMesse conference and business center. Despite the enormity of the undertaking, communication proceeded surprisingly smoothly – the facility was ideally suited to this type of evet. We left the car on a multi-storey car park and immediately went to the place of the fair. As I mentioned earlier, only industry specialists, press representatives and invited guests had access to the fair.

The entry was offered to us by a friendly company – Surex from Bielsko-Biała, we got in after showing the invitations. Immediately after the gates, the hostesses handed out the object maps and provided basic information.

All staff spoke English on a communicative level. Companies from the pyrotechnic industry concentrated in hall No. 9. We went in its direction going through hall 7 and 8, in which “toys” from the automation and modeling industry were presented, i.e. various advanced drones, remotely controlled cars , yachts, submarines and machine models.

After a while, we were already in hall 9. The first stand with fireworks we came across belonged to the Italian company PYROGIOCHI with a branch in Germany. The company has in its offer the main amateur / consumer fireworks.

Two things caught our attention. The first of these was the original form of packaging fireworks sets, so far unprecedented in Poland, i.e. fireworks placed in plastic forms imitating, for example, a car. The second, more pyrotechnic novelty was the method of connecting sets of combined launchers. The PYROGIOCHI brand kits are connected using fuses in a special rubber cover resembling an electric wire. We’ve learned that this form of joining is more durable and minimizes the risk of misfire. The company PYROGIOCHI has a patent for the said system connecting the fireworks launcher .


Another stop was the stand of the Dutch company LESLI VUURWERK B.V. Lesli offers both fireworks for amateur and professional use.

The company imports pyrotechnic products under numerous brands, each brand has a different graphic design and product quality. The stand certainly stood out from the other forms of interior design. Lesli certainly puts a lot of attention to the appearance of your products and it’s actually the only thing that sets her apart from her competitors, as you can see in the attached photos. Of course, our assessment at this stage is not subject to the quality of the product.

In the next place we visited one of the largest European pyrotechnic importers, the German WECO Feuerwerk. At the same time it was the largest fireworks stand on the entire fair, even had its own bar with coffee and drinks.

We learned from the company’s representative that WECO is focused on providing pyrotechnic products to numerous stores and markets. At the fair, the company presented only fireworks consumer. The WECO brand in Poland is not very recognizable and its products are not really available. The main reason for this is the price of products and the concentration on other markets where there is no such strong competition. WECO has an extremely wide fireworks offer . Some of the products aroused our interest.


Another company we visited was the German Keller Feuerwerk.

In addition to a separate graphic design fireworks and a huge number of sets of launchers in the offer nothing else drew our attention. We learned from the company’s representative that Keller Feuerwerk sells pyrotechnics exclusively in Germany.


Then we went to the Dutch company Vulcan, which imports both amateur and professional pyrotechnics.

At this year’s fair, apart from pyrotechnics, the company promoted its new, sliding, modular mechanism for the assembly of single shots. Loads can be mounted at any angle and put many in a row. As the manufacturer assures, this mechanism is compatible with the majority of single shot systems. Fireworks by Vulcan are available throughout Europe.


Another stop was the stand of the Slovak company Privatex Pyro. The company is one of the few in our part of Europe, which deals not only with the import of fireworks from China but also with the production of pyrotechnic products in its own country.

Most European pyrotechnics are created in China and imported into Europe under various brands. Privatex Pyro has specialized in the production of fireworks for professional use. The offer includes spherical bombs, cylindrical bombs (up to 12 “), retarders (pyroclocks), fuses or single shots.

The last foreign company we visited was the Czech CLASEK offering an extremely wide range of amateur and professional products.

The company belongs to, among others the DUM BUM brand. The distribution of KLASKA in Poland is the Etna group, which means that the prices of this company’s products are higher than those of competitors.


Polish fireworks importers

The first Polish company we visited was Surex from Bielsko-Biała. Surex is a family company that will celebrate its 25th anniversary this year and offer both amateur and professional pyrotechnics.

A special feature of the pyrotechnic products of this brand is the high quality of the generated effects. Surex is one of the most recognizable pyrotechnic brands in the world due to its leading position in the pyrotechnics industry. The company has the widest offer of fireworks for professional use on the Polish market. The offer includes spherical bombs, cylindrical bombs, patches (fans), single shots, fountains, launchers, igniters, retardants and pyrotechnical mortars. At this year’s fair, besides its permanent assortment, Surex also promoted spark generators that imitate the effect of pyrotechnic fountains. The devices do not generate smoke, they are for indoor use and they allow you to adjust the height of the effect.

The second Polish company we visited was Triplex. The company is one of the largest pyrotechnic importers in Poland.

The offer includes both professional and amateur / consumer products. The original form of the stand certainly drew attention.

Then we went to Hestia, one of the oldest firework importers in Poland. The company focused its activities on fireworks for consumer / amateur use. Hestia also has one of the widest offers of amateur pyrotechnics in Poland.

At this year’s fair, the company promoted launchers with an innovative design. The traditional product is constructed of individual mortars / tubes, connected with each other by pyrotechnic systems. The new Hestia launchers consist of one “ironed” element. The importer ensures that these launchers are more durable and safer. At the same time, he stated that there is no difference in the cost of production. We also talked about this form of the launcher’s structure with other importers, who pointed out many defects including great importance, difficulties in the recycling process or brittleness of the material at the time of installation of the electric detonator.

The fourth Polish company we visited was Gaoo. A young company importing amateur fireworks, focused on distributing products in Western Europe.

A special feature of the Gaoo brand products is the high quality of the pyrotechnic article mix and, hence, the effect itself. The products of this company are recognizable in Germany.

Then we went to Super Power, Piromax and Comet. Super Power presented its products for the first time at the Nuremberg fair, the importer offers both amateur and professional products. Piromax only offers amateur fireworks. A special feature of products under the Piromax brand is the original, refined graphic design and product quality. The comet offers amateur and professional fireworks.

Who have we met in the pyrotechnic industry yet?

At the Toy Fair in Noryberg you could meet such companies as EXPLO IGNsystems (advanced, high-quality systems for pyrotechnic shows and stage pyrotechnics), Panda Feuerwerk (German amateur pyrotechnic importer), Nico Europe (German amateur pyrotechnics importer and professional from over With 100 years of history, Nico also conducts shows and pyrotechnic shows all over the world) or Galaxis Showtechnik ( German manufacturer of pyrotechnic systems).

The most numerous group were Chinese producers of fireworks, firing systems and fuses. Companies such as: Purple Star Fireworks, Jangxi Flourish Fireworks Co., SFX Liuyang Kesheng celebration product & amp; equipment, Anyshow fireworks, POLARIS Jinsheng Fireworks Group, LIDU Fireworks, Lyuyang Hengtai, PYRO-LOUIS, MARTARELLO NA FIREWORKS (FLOURISH FIREWORKS).

It is interesting to note that Polish pyrotechnic importers were the second largest group of exhibiting companies in the industry. Seven Polish brands were present at the fair.

Our observations show that in European amateur pyrotechnics in 2018 I will be reigning with multi-caliber fireworks launchers, with multi effects and angles of charges being fired. Some importers also introduce extremely complicated launcher kits for self-firing . There is also a visible trend of changing the forms of packaging products in such a way as to attract potential customers. From separate boxes to individual launchers, through fireworks in the shape of stairs, tanks, cars to fancy graphic design.