PyroTech is a team of qualified pyrotechnicians which was born of passion to big thrills. We provide unique, perfectly designed and cutting edge fireworks shows and full pyrotechnic services. Our task is simply to impress: we ensure a year’s dose of adrenaline and a long lasting memory. We use the latest technologies, follow and implement global trends, participate actively in discussions with pyrotechnicians all over the world, sharing our experiences and observations. We do all this to provide the highest quality, satisfaction and maximum safety during our shows. We want each viewer to feel exceptional and make the entire event an unforgettable experience for them.

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We offer a full range of pyrotechnic services: show pyrotechnics, stage pyrotechnics, special effects… We will do everything for you. We precisely adapt the type and size of fireworks to the place where we will perform the show in order to use the unique assets of the location and make the event as attractive as possible. We have performed fireworks shows on the roofs of buildings, specialist structures, in extremely wet places or on rafts in the middle of water basins.

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PyroTech has obtained all the permits and certificates required by public authorities. We handle all formal and legal issues when preparing an order. Relevant services are notified about our show and we obtain permits for performing a fireworks show at a specific time and place. The customer’s activities are limited to the minimum. We hold an insurance policy.

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