Each year, our teams carry out over 100 pyrotechnic projects during wedding ceremonies in Poland. Years of experience have allowed us to achieve a masterful level and work out perfect schemes to ensure customer satisfaction. A wedding fireworks show can be the most spectacular wedding attraction. For this to happen, a company that performs the service must meet at least the 10 conditions listed below.

10 basic principles for a successful wedding firework show:

  1. A wedding fireworks display must be carried out by a company having the consent of the voivode to use explosives for civil use in the area of ​​conducting fireworks demonstrations,
  2. The show supervises a professional pyrotechnic with appropriate powers, initiates it remotely using professional pyrotechnic charges,
  3. A company that performs a wedding fireworks show took care of the organization of the necessary permits and notifications of the services,
  4. Previously, the area has been verified in terms of safety and opportunities from which pyrotechnic charges are to be initiated. Some distances resulting from the Act must be provided. The exact verification of the site is also aimed at the precise selection of pyrotechnic charges to maximize the use of the properties of the area. In addition, the company should do an “environmental interview” in order to find out whether there are older people, small children or animal studs in the immediate vicinity. If you are staying, you should notify the appropriate people about the wedding fireworks show and give the exact hour,
  5. Wedding fireworks show should be strictly synchronized with the background music, which was previously consulted with the ordering party, eg a young couple. There is a huge difference between a closely-synchronized fireworks display with a soundtrack and a fireworks display along with the music! Of course, this first option is much more difficult to do, requires the right skills, qualifications and technical facilities,
  6. A company that implements a wedding fireworks show should have a specialized sound system for the soundtrack. Professional sound system is an extremely important element of a wedding firework show, because the skillful combination of pyrotechnic effects with the soundtrack significantly increases the spectacularity and reception of the show, often giving it artistic character. This guarantees the “goose skin” effect after the show,
  7. Works on the implementation site run smoothly, which does not affect the aesthetics of the wedding reception,
  8. Pyrotechnic effects used during the fireworks show meet the client’s expectations and are adapted to the nature of the wedding party,
  9. Ordering party should have prior insight into the scenario, visualize the fireworks display in order to be able to eliminate inappropriate parts of it before implementation and convert them to other ones,
  10. A company that performs a wedding firework show should limit the ordering party to a minimum, and arrange all organizational issues before the ceremony.

This is the 10 basic principles for a successful wedding firework show . Of course, there are many other elements that we can not so easily reveal. We hope that this article illustrated you that a professionally conducted a wedding fireworks display requires a lot of experience, qualifications and commitment. You should be very vigilant when choosing a company that will carry out your events in a safe, lawful, professional and at the same time spectacular manner. We invite you to cooperate.

Below we attach a recording of one of our wedding fireworks shows: