The summer season is the time of many wedding ceremonies. On this occasion, the Young Couples want to honor this special day. Many of them are opting for a pyrotechnic show. All because of the growing popularity of this attraction and not high in relation to the quality of the entire implementation. Price of artificial demonstrations fires start from 2565 PLN. For this small price you can surprise all guests and leave in their memory an unforgettable spectacle breathtaking! The PyroTech company guarantees satisfaction with the services provided. Of course, in our offer you can find something for more demanding customers. We have 3 packages of professional pyrotechnic shows .

Fireworks for the wedding – a spectacular surprise

Pyrotechnic show for a wedding is also a great opportunity to surprise someone. Our company specializes in this type of enterprises. We have specially trained pyrotechnic teams that unload the loads unnoticed. Guests will know about the pyrotechnic display only at the moment of the initiation of the cargo. Surprise is not a factor that makes the price of fireworks display change. We will prepare a show for each given budget or we will suggest an alternative if, for example, the location is not suitable for a professional fireworks display at the wedding.

Wedding fireworks – wide offer

In our offer you will find 3 packages of occasional shows. These packages differ from each other primarily by the intensity of the charges being launched per minute. The first, basic package is “Bronze”. You will find in it basic pyrotechnic charges, any background music and sound system for free! Price of fireworks shows from this package is 855 PLN/min. The next more extensive fireworks display package is “Silver”. In it, we increased the number of shots up to 350, we also increased the size of charges to 4 “. Its price is 1249 PLN/min. The biggest wedding package is “Gold” – it would not be ashamed of the biggest Hollywood stars. You will find there up to 530 shots, loads up to 6 “and up to 5 places of cargo initiation. The price of fireworks displays from this package is PLN 1790/min.

Below you can find sample recordings – for more information, please visit the “Fireworks for Wedding” tab.