Fireworks are becoming more and more popular from year to year. And pyrotechnic shows can easily give prestigious rank. Everyone wants to honor this special evening in the best possible way. That is why an increasing number of customers are choosing to display fireworks. The price of professional fireworks is not huge. Our company has packages of pyrotechnic shows that’s why everyone will find something for themselves. We are specialists in our field, We carried out pyrotechnic shows from the roofs of buildings, specialized constructions, oval scenes, in extremely humid places or on rafts in the middle of water reservoirs. Therefore, choosing PyroTech you have a guarantee of the quality of the service.

Fireworks for a wedding

A wedding and a wedding are one of the most important events in the life of every person, that’s why everyone wants these events to be remembered for a very long time. Pyrotechnic show ideally suited to the wedding party! Romantic atmosphere and spectacular light show – who would not like to honor a marriage in this way? Or maybe someone from your loved ones is getting married and want to make him a surprise? The PyroTech company specializes in surprises. We arrive at the place with an unmarked car, we mask the area. Visitors learn about the show only at the moment of the initiation of the loads. This add-on is not payable. Prices for professional fireworks remain unchanged.

Artificial fireworks for birthdays

A birthday party is a special event for each of us. We are entering a new age then. During our jubilees, it is worth taking care of strong impressions! A pyrotechnic show for your birthday is a unique accessory that will honor your day! Prices for professional fireworks do not differ much from amateur ones. So let’s contact us and enjoy an unforgettable spectacle at your party.

Contact us and your event will remain in everyone’s memory for a very long time!