The pyrotechnic market is becoming more and more popular every year, thanks to newer technologies and more and more beautiful pyrotechnic effects creating a spectacular firework show at wedding parties or events. Prices of pyrotechnic shows are very diverse, everything depends primarily on of how long the spectacle we would like to have at our celebration. The second main aspect regarding the price of the fireworks display is the intensity of the charges being fired. The PyroTech company performs minimum demonstrations. 3 minutes, thanks to the perfect selection of pyrotechnic charges, the show from the lowest price range offered by PyroTech will appeal to even the greatest connoisseurs of spectacular pyrotechnics.

Professional fireworks displays for celebrations

Offer of our company is prepared so that everyone can find in it something that pleases his eye, and by the way, do not slim down the wallet. We have 3 unique packages of pyrotechnic shows that will add splendor to any event, giving everyone a prestigious rank, because everyone dreams about its celebration being remembered for a very long time. It is possible with PyroTech. Prices for pyrotechnic shows are different. The first package offered by us is “Bronze” – a basic package that includes what every professional fireworks display should. You will find here professional high-class pyrotechnic charges, any background music. During one minute of this show, up to 210 loads explode in the sky! His price for a pyrotechnic show from this package is 855 PLN/min. The next is the more extensive Silver package. There is the same in the previous one, but it is enlarged by additional charges, because in one minute it explodes up to 350 loads of sizes up to 4 inches! Its cost is 1249 PLN/min. A package that would not be ashamed of the biggest Hollywood stars is the “Gold” package. In our Golden package there are also the above-mentioned items, but we increased it by additional firing places – there can be as many as 5! We have also increased the size of loads – up to 6 inches, and the number of shots in one minute is up to 530!

The PyroTech company has also prepared spectacular pyrotechnic shows , which can be compared to those performed at world pyrotechnic festivals. Their prices start at PLN 2490/min. They are characterized by a full range of professional loads, advanced sequences of single shots, rarely used cylindrical loads in Poland of sizes up to 8 inches! In addition, as part of the spectacles we provide computer visualization services thanks to which you have the opportunity to see your show a month before its implementation.