Pyrotechnic show for a wedding is for many a chance to thank the guests in an explosive way for coming or parents for the hardships and dedication they have put into education. It often happens that a pyrotechnic display is a surprise wedding for a bride and groom. Nothing strange about it, because who would not want an unforgettable spectacle of lights at his wedding?

Millions sparks, many colors are just some of the features that make the atmosphere magical and all guests can not take their eyes off. We guarantee that our

implementation will remain in the memory of all viewers for a very long time! Thanks to many years of experience and hard work PyroTech has become a leader on the pyrotechnic market. Our prices of wedding shows fireworks are affordable for everyone. We will prepare a spectacular pyrotechnic display to the indicated budget!

Surprise for a wedding in the form of a fireworks show

Do you want to make a unique, breathtaking surprise close? It’s no problem for us! We will prepare a spectacular spectacle for you, thanks to which you will surprise all the guests gathered and, above all, a young couple! In our offer you will surely find something for yourself, because prices of wedding fireworks displays are varied so that everyone can choose the right solution for their budget

Packages and prices of wedding fireworks shows

The first basic package for professional wedding fireworks displays  is the Bronze package, its cost is 855 PLN/min. It features 210 shots, any background music and free sound system! The next enlarged package is Silver, its price is 1255 PLN/min and in its frames you get 350 shots, a free sound system, any background music and the size of loads up to 4″ !!! The package which would not be ashamed of the biggest weddings in Hollywood to Gold, synchronized any background music, free sound system, up to 5 firing places, loads up to 6″ and 530 shots. The price of a wedding fireworks show in the Gold package is 1790 PLN/min. The biggest festival screenings are comparable to our Individual package! Unforgettable impressions, full synchronization with background music, advanced sequences of single shots, cylindrical loads up to 8″ ! In addition, as part of this package we provide a computer visualization service, thanks to which you can see your spectacular pyrotechnic display a month before the wedding. The cost of a wedding fireworks display in the Individual package is 2490 PLN/min.

We make shows lasting min. 3 minutes.

Below you can see wedding recordings of fireworks in the PyroTech team throughout the country: