When planning your wedding, you definitely want to make this day special and remember not only newlyweds, but also all guests for a long time. Currently, wedding parties take on a different style, and more and more young couples are moving away from traditional oczepin to modern wedding attractions. If you are wondering what to do to make your wedding go down in history and how best to surprise your guests – read on.

Pokaz sztucznych ogni na weseluFireworks display – the climax of the wedding reception

A fireworks display at a wedding. The main highlight of Polish weddings is the party run by the leader, in which all participants of the party are to take part. The most popular are the train and throwing wedding fantas – the veil by the bride for all women and the tie by the groom for all men. And all this is strongly instilled and carried to the rhythm of music. Couples who want to do something more original at their wedding reception, which will permanently be remembered for everyone, decide on a different kind of “culminating point”. It can be romantic blowing lanterns with wishes to the sky in the air, playing with cold fires, and for the most demanding – professional wedding fireworks display.

This attraction works best as a surprise, for example for parents of the bride and groom, or for the other half. An ordinary show can turn into a show, if it is enriched with accessories such as smoke or music. The big surprise will be a fireworks in the shape of a heart or the initials of the bride.

How much does the fireworks show at the wedding?

If you are wondering how much a fireworks display costs at a wedding, then contact us. We have been organizing pyrotechnic shows for many years and we approach each project individually. The price of the show consists of many factors, such as the type of package chosen, the duration of the show, the quantity and size of explosives, background music or additional attractions.

What distinguishes wedding fireworks displays?

If your show will be conducted by a qualified pyrotechnic company (like PyroTech), you get a guarantee of raising the rank of your wedding party to the maximum! Wedding fireworks at the highest level are strictly synchronized with the musical background, thanks to which an unusual musical and pyrotechnic show arises. In order to increase the attractiveness of wedding fireworks, each team is equipped with a specialized sound system, thanks to which every spectator can feel not only exploding fireworks, but also the sound of the music being played. Today’s wedding fireworks shows can be enriched with exploding bomb hearts, a line of fountains, burning inscriptions in each shape, or choosing their own music track to which the wedding firework display will be synchronized.

We present a sample of our possibilities in the recording below. It is a wedding fireworks show in Kobiel, near Warsaw: