Wedding reception with class and in a unique atmosphere is a dream of many couples. What attractions are currently on time and help create a unique wedding party? Professional pyrotechnic shows, parties organized on water or in boho style gardens are becoming more fashionable. We suggest which attractions to use to best honor the wedding day.

The native wedding market has been inspired by global trends for years, moving them to Polish soil. Thanks to this wedding receptions gained momentum. Today, not many people are surprised by a wedding organized in a restored barn, a banquet tent, an industrial factory or a castle. Weddings are held not only in offices and churches, but also under a cloud in the romantic and breathtaking surroundings of nature such as the sea, meadows or mountains. Specialized companies take care of the beautiful setting from event organization, florists, as well as pyrotechnics. In the first place among the fashionable, wedding attractions are professional fireworks shows, which organized with taste, can add splendor to any event and make it stay in the memory for a long time.

Pyrotechnic show at the wedding

The possibilities of using materials and pyrotechnic effects at the wedding are many. Starting from synchronized with music during the first dance or the climax of the event, to burning initials, rows of sparks, exploding hearts, and even fireworks fired from the water. It is worth remembering that in the case of pyrotechnics display at a wedding location is of key importance. Very interesting effects can be obtained by firing loads around water tanks or directly on them. The flares reflect on the water surface, which intensifies the spectacularity of the spectacle. Depending on the budget and the inventiveness of the event organizers, the show can be short and extremely intense or longer, and may also be accompanied by additional attractions.

Unusual location will make the wedding more attractive

Depending on the chosen place where the event takes place, it is worth taking care of the unique lighting effects that will create a romantic and unique atmosphere. Lanterns that fit the space of old barns and garden parties organized in the boho style are perfect for this. Their inseparable part are decorations made of vivid, seasonal flowers that harmonize with the bouquet of the bride. An elegant and sophisticated effect can also be obtained, using the architectural backlight of the building. This solution works in places whose beauty is worth emphasizing. Couples enjoy additional, multicolored lighting, organizing weddings at castles, in historic mansions, as well as in boutique hotels.

Unusual attractions for the wedding

Many couples arrange additional attractions at the wedding party such as: a sweet table, which is beautifully presented and attracts the youngest guests, a bar or a photo booth, where each guest can make their souvenir photos. Regardless of what attractions