Not only weddings and weddings, but also jubilees, round anniversaries, birthdays or special engagements and company events. These are just a few of the occasions when you can surprise your guests with the fireworks display . Increasingly, spectacular pyrotechnic services are also an inseparable part of large events organized by enterprises and cities.

Spektakularna atrakcja weselna w postaci pokazu fajerwerków.

Fireworks without borders

Professional pyrotechnic services are appreciated by event organizers who want to provide participants and guests with strong emotions and impressions. The range of applications for fireworks shows is very wide today. Show with the use of fireworks can be presented at parties from the umbilical, to birthday, weddings with a firework show , jubilees, and even funerals. An undoubted advantage of a professional spectacle with artificial fire is the ability to adjust its character to the style of the event, preferences of the organizers, terrain and budget. Depending on your needs, you can organize a few minute, breathtaking display of fireworks and special effects with music, as well as arrange other lighting effects: from silent fireworks, to burning letters, waterfalls and sparks, heavy smoke and confetti launchers.

Explosive surprise

Fireworks also work as a spectacular surprise. Just imagine your partner’s reaction when, after saying “yes”, she will see colorful fireworks in the sky, fired to the rhythm of your favorite song. Incredible memories can also be provided by firework displays perfected at births and important jubilees. A pyrotechnic show can also add to the round anniversary of the wedding. The use of pyrotechnics makes such an event gaining a unique rank and memorable for a long time. However, this is not the end of attractions worth thinking about.

Spectacular light play

During the large and intimate evening events, various lighting effects work. The unique architecture, the interior of the company, historic spaces, industrial cafes and effective vegetation can be illuminated with multicolored light beams and thus emphasize the design and character of the place. Our company can also deliver bars, catering and large screens to your event. Thanks to this, you will organize not only an effective party for friends and family, but also a unique company event, conference or concert.

Scene with a unique pyrotechnic setting

Organizers of stage events should pay attention to the possibility of using pyrotechnics to make concerts more attractive. The scene requires a special setting. Fire or steam streaming into the rhythm of music, lasers, sparks’ fountains, or rain of confetti are just a few examples. We can provide all of these attractions and spice up the event with a unique pyrolaser show, which is a combination of fireworks and lasers. It is a unique artistic and pyrotechnical spectacle that we are able to organize as the only one in the country and even in the world.
Choosing a pyrotechnic show, however, it is worth remembering to use only the services of experienced and professional pyrotechnics who will take care of all the permits and have the necessary allowances, insurance and experience in the use of explosives for civil use. Our team completes the necessary formalities, as well as providing a guarantee of security, so you can be sure that the event will take place in a unique atmosphere.