PyroTech is a guarantee of satisfaction during a pyrotechnic show

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We approach each firework spectacle individually. With us, a surprise for a bride and groom will be an unforgettable and impressive “WOW!” Effect. Thanks to modern computer visualization techniques, our clients may one month before a pyrotechnic display at a wedding see their show on the computer screen and have the opportunity to participate directly in the creation of the script and bring their own corrections. We have been trusted by a few hundred customers!

Many accessories for the firework display at the wedding

Do you want the service performed for you not limited to the fireworks display at the wedding ? In our offer you will find many pyrotechnical additives for a wedding. Your surprise for the bride and groom will be kept secret until the very end. As an addition, which is perfect for a surprise, we recommend a huge button in the shape of a heart, so-called. VIP START, which starts a pyrotechnic show at the wedding . Newlyweds approached him (eg in the company of a row of fountains) and together they pressed their hearts together. Then surprise starts ! We guarantee that the bride and groom will be delighted and receive the speech!

PyroTech is pyrotechnic shows throughout the country!

Our headquarters is located near Lodz, but if you want to organize a surprise for the bride and groom for the wedding, do not worry! It does not matter if you are from Gdańsk, Cracow, Szczecin or Olsztyn. We arrive anywhere on the map of Poland. With us, your pyrotechnic display for a wedding will be an extraordinary experience remembered at patch! We settle all paperwork via e-mail – for the convenience of our clients. All you need to do is call or write an email. We will call you immediately. With us, the organization of a surprise for a wedding is simple!