Pyrotechnic shows have long been very popular during the undoubtedly most important day for young couples as a wedding. So why not give the newlyweds an unexpected, unforgettable, spectacular attraction? The spectacle is always in the memory, that’s why customers choose fireworks. The fireworks display is ideally suited as a surprise for a wedding.

An unforgettable pyrotechnic spectacle to the end kept secret from the young couple and guests. Impress!

Initiation of a wedding pyrotechnic show using the VIP Start add-on

It is possible to improve the spectacle of fireworks with the help of the accessories available in PyroTech’s offer. As a surprise, the VIP Start accessory works perfectly. It is a big red heart-shaped button. A young couple jointly presses a glowing heart that begins their unforgettable show. This additive enjoys popularity due to its attractive price.

Trained pyrotechnic teams specializing in silent distribution of pyrotechnic loads during a wedding surprise

It is known that the surprise must be kept secret until the show begins. Many companies unfortunately I recognize long before realizing what surprise for weddings  u is no longer a surprise. At PyroTech, there are pyrotechnic teams for which masking and the distribution of loads is not noticeably something that they feel best at. Thanks to them, the guests and the young couple will learn about the show one minute before the start, thanks to which it will be an unexpected and spectacular show!

Convenient cooperation in organizing a surprise for a wedding

PyroTech as a priority puts customer satisfaction. Do not you want someone to whom you prepare a surprise for your e-mail correspondence or Facebook chat? Come visit us! All formalities can be arranged on-site at the company’s headquarters in Łódź. With PyroTech, your SURPRISE AT THE WEDDING PARTY will be prepared one hundred percent! Satisfaction guaranteed.

Call us! Prepare a surprise for loved ones. You will surely find the perfect offer for yourself.