Pyrotechnic shows are one of the most popular attractions for the wedding. Nothing unusual. Sky decorated with many millions of sparks, hundreds of shots creating unforgettable shapes, lots of colors … These are just a few advantages of spectacular pyrotechnic shows. Sometimes, unfortunately, our dates are already occupied. Nothing stands in the way! We will prepare a self-firing set for you. Your surprise for the bride and groom will be spectacular and spectacular!

What is a self-launching fireworks set?

Self-firing set is nothing more than a huge pyrotechnic launcher consisting of many fireworks batteries. We already have ready-made designs on offer, but we can prepare them according to your guidelines. Do you want the fireworks to be red, gold and blue or maybe yellow, silver and blue? We will take every challenge to make your surprise for a wedding for a bride and groom spectacular and unforgettable. We will do our best to make you satisfied with the service we have set for self-launching fireworks set , Prices start from PLN 1,500!

How to choose a self-ignition set?

We also run online shop with firecrackers to make every customer happy. Visit her, see what kind of fireworks we have and choose the effects that interest you, who knows,

maybe you will find something else for yourself? Based on your comments, we will prepare a special self-launching fireworks set for you. Or maybe you value time or time for your surprise is not enough? Use our ready-made scenarios for self-launching fireworks sets – Many types, different effects and different time. Write to us or call. We will prepare something for you. With us a spectacular pyrotechnic spectacle is unforgettable in every case!

How operate set self-launching fireworks set?

There is nothing difficult about it? So how to start your fireworks show ? In each of them a fuse is prepared, which initiates the entire spectacle. Just set them on fire and the sky turns into a spectacular firework display . For safety there is also a spare fuse, so that the show always works!