DIY sets are a great alternative to fireworks shows. Their original structures full of various colours and pyrotechnic effects please the eye almost like the full shows. Their biggest assets are user-friendliness and price. From selecting the effects, colours, the set structures to the manual – that’s how it works! At request, we deliver each set to the place that you will choose. We make sure you are satisfied at every stage. Our products are in stock!!


High-quality products


Buying our pyrotechnic sets, you are sure that they are products of the highest quality. We use only European materials marked with the Certificate of Conformity CE. We cooperate with the best fireworks manufacturers and importers in Poland.



When preparing our sets, we use the latest assembly and safety methods. The sets are extremely reliable thanks to the additional launching systems. Don’t worry about misfired fireworks!



We take care of your safety and convenience. That’s why we give full instructions on how to use each purchased set. Our pyrotechnician will provide detailed safety instructions and explain how to set the firework units, how to launch them and what to do when the display ends.



Each order is analysed separately. All the sets are adjusted both to the customer’s individual preferences and the venue for the show. Additionally, the wide range of our materials allows us to ensure that each show is unique.



3 min.duration
Mix of colours and effects
Unit size up to 1,2″
Minimum 300 shots
Vertical effect
4 min.duration
Mix of colours and effects
Unit size up to 1,5″
Minimum 400 shots
Panoramic effect
5 min.duration
Mix of colours and effects
Unit size up to 2″
Minimum 500 shots
Panoramic effect

*The list presented above is only an example. Each order is analysed individually. The actual amounts may differ, depending on the customer’s preferences and the venue for the show.

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