Fireworks are known for the grand occasions on which we celebrate the New Year, weddings and jubilees. However, this is not the only opportunity to use fireworks. In Great Britain and Australia, they also accompany funeral ceremonies, giving them a completely new character. Now such solutions are also available in Poland.

A funeral is an extremely difficult and sad event, accompanied by seriousness and reverie.  fireworks display This does not mean, however, that the farewell of a loved one can not reflect her lifestyle. There are more and more ceremonies organized around the world to commemorate the deceased and make the last memory of him happy. Motorbike parades are seen in Poland at motorcycle funerals, and there are also burials at sea, to which a urn with ashes is composed. Soon, you will also be able to commemorate those who have passed away in a completely new way. In the world, the popularity of unconventional funerals increases, during which guests bid farewell to their relatives using fireworks shows . Loads connected with the ashes of a deceased person are fired into the sky. In this way, the family wants to honor life, achievements and mention the history of the deceased.

Funeral can be an opportunity to celebrate life

Depending on individual wishes, fireworks can take the form of a single, spectacular shot or many colorful flares. The place where the ashes are to be scattered also remains to be agreed. It happens that departing people indicate the locations with which their most important memories and strong emotions are associated. There are chosen openings for lakes, rivers and even the ocean. It all depends on what life the person who said goodbye to the world was. Pyrotechnic pyrotechnics, professionally organizing such events, ensure that fireworks at the funeral can help relatives in dealing with difficult emotions and add magic and special character. It is also a great opportunity for family and friends to meet and explain in a solemn way the deceased. They admit, however, that they are limited to the fireworks themselves, often several powerful shots, without the element of spreading ashes practiced in Great Britain and Australia.

Fireworks go up to the next level

Pyrotechnics from PyroTech emphasize that in Poland the fireworks industry is also rapidly growing. Currently, silent fireworks with reduced noise levels are available. They are safe to use in urban conditions, they do not scare animals or are burdensome for local residents. Events with the use of fireworks are also becoming more and more sophisticated. They are accompanied by synchronization with music and various lighting effects that create the choreography that was planned earlier. The appearance of fireworks at funeral ceremonies is another step in the development and a novelty unheard of in Poland. However, everything indicates that it will also take over in our country. Organized with taste and most importantly a completely safe ceremony of this kind, it is an opportunity to commemorate those closest to you in a completely new way.