Attaining the age of majority is a special moment in life that is worth celebrating with panache. Increasingly, on this occasion, large parties are organized instead of modest, home parties. There are not only spectacular cakes or live music, but also spectacular firework shows.

Fajerwerki na 18-stkę

Probably hardly anyone can imagine an 18 without party. A few years ago, the norm was to celebrate this occasion at home with friends and relatives. Today, as a model for peers from across the ocean, a large celebration is being organized in a rented flat. During the party you can not miss live music, cake, spectacular decorations and a spectacular firework show. Among other attractions, there are also limousines that transport the jubilee and his guests to the venue, and even billboards on which parents wish their children. Interestingly, a professional a pyrotechnic show can also be a surprise gift for a jubilar and be the climax of the event.

Professional pyrotechnic display – 18th birthday

How does the fireworks show up? The show lasts a few minutes and its scenario is developed in detail so that the shots are properly synchronized with the music. On the 18th it is best to choose your favorite songs of the jubilee and in this way to surprise him during the event or just to celebrate an important event. The use of various types of explosives and their intensity in combination with music causes that a breathtaking spectacle arises, which will surely make it possible to remember the 18-piece forever.

Niebanalna 18-stka z fajerwerkami

It’s good to know that fireworks can celebrate any, even the most original birthday party. Fireworks can be launched, for example, over water, which further enhances beautiful visual effects, as well as in the vicinity of buildings, because modern technology allows the use of silent fireworks. To increase the spectacularity of the event, you can also use additional lighting effects, eg burning initials or sheaves of sparks. Thanks to the party decorated with such a swing you can be sure that the 18th will be an unforgettable event. To organize such a spectacle, just contact us. As experienced pyrotechnicians we will take care of all permits, formalities and insurance. Thanks to this the show will be run in a professional and safe way at any time of the year.

Fajerwerki na urodziny

If the limit is the budget, you can try to buy a set of fireworks for self-firing in our store. These are sets of products selected so that their firing is fully safe and at the same time effective.