What is a pyrotechnic display? What is the difference between a pyrotechnic display and ordinary fireworks? Who is able to realize a professional pyrotechnic display? How much does the pyrotechnic show cost and, above all, is it worth it? For all of the above questions, surely you will find comprehensive answers in the following article.

What is a pyrotechnic show?

Pyrotechnic show are remotely fired sequences of pyrotechnic charges with a light and sound effect. Most often they are strictly synchronized with the music background using computer systems in such a way as to impress the viewer the most. Pyrotechnical demonstrations with the use of professional charges and electric detonators, which are responsible for the show’s spectacle can only be carried out by qualified and experienced pyrotechnics, having the appropriate technology and technical facilities. The arrangement of a pyrotechnic show scenario , especially for high-budget performances, often takes place in cooperation with musicians, composers or artists, thanks to which it takes on an artistic character. For this reason, there are only a few companies on the Polish market that are able to meet the above criteria and carry out a pyrotechnic show according to the above definition, although dozens of companies declare the ability to provide such service – very often for fractions of the budget necessary to undertake the order by a professional company, which is a guarantee of obtaining an effect exceeding the expectations of the ordering party.

What is the difference between a pyrotechnic display and regular fireworks?

Pyrotechnic show is carried out using professional pyrotechnic charges, which exceed traditional fireworks efficiency, have a much wider range of effects and allow for close synchronization with background music. Almost every shot is initiated by a separate electric fuse. Of course, to acquire the abovementioned pyrotechnic charges and fuses should have appropriate licenses and permits. The aforementioned close synchronization with the musical background is of great importance – only the leaders of the pyrotechnic industry can perform such synchronization. The synchronized pyrotechnic display shows the extraordinary artistry of pyrotechnics and their ability to control the initiated charges. It is these components that are responsible for the spectacular visual and artistic effect as well as often physical, because in the case of pyrotechnic shows loads with an effect perceived on the viewer’s body (shockwave) are often used, and not having a light effect. Such sensations can only be experienced personally.

Who is able to implement a professional pyrotechnic show?

A pyrotechnic show in the full sense of the word in Poland is able to carry out only a few companies. This is an extremely important point – you should be very careful of companies that declare making a pyrotechnic show for a fraction of the price of reputable brands. The average client, having no comparison, will not be able to distinguish a service carried out in a professional manner from that carried out in an amateur manner. First of all, the company must have permission to perform such services and pyrotechnical powers, but this of course does not give any guarantee of quality. The company must have appropriate experience, knowledge, staff, technical background – it must constantly develop and create global pyrotechnic trends. It is best to check the recordings of previously performed projects and compare, for example, with this pyrotechnic display with Warszawy , who implemented our team: