One of the most famous New Year’s fireworks shows is the one organized in London. During the show every second the sky is illuminated by dozens of fireworks. To delight the audience, the organizers even use flares with flavored clouds. However, the preparation of such a fireworks display is associated with significant costs of up to 100,000. pounds per minute. Fortunately, you do not have to spend so much to prepare a breathtaking pyrotechnic show. To do this, just engage the PyroTech team.


Jeden z największych pokazów pirotechnicznych organizowanych na świecie. Ponad 100 tysięcy funtów na minutę wystrzeliwane w powietrze!

The most important event of the year, that is, New Year’s Eve, is coming fast. It is a special evening that is often mentioned later in the years. For participants, the perfect, champagne party, delicious food and the unique atmosphere of the party are important. Its culmination is every year fireworks show . This is the moment everyone is waiting for. However, the effect would be really stunning for a pyrotechnic show that lasts only a few minutes, you need to prepare yourself for weeks. It is worth knowing that professional pyrotechnic teams have dates reserved for a few months before the event. To use the best services, you have to hurry and count the costs.

New Year’s Eve pyrotechnic show on a world level

On New Year’s Eve, all available means are used to create a spectacular pyrotechnic show and make the event unforgettable. On this day, you can try to show impressive, colorful fireworks, as well as flashing lighting effects that will raise the rank of the event. In addition, the show is worth synchronizing with music, which will significantly increase its attractiveness. The selection of fireworks for New Year’s Eve depends on several factors. Of course, one of the most important is the budget, but the explosives themselves can be adapted to the character of the venue and the specificity of the event.

An unbelievable firework show on New Year’s Eve

For example, in the places located above the water you can use the effect of fireworks reflecting off the surface of water or fire them from the barge. Currently, thanks to advanced technology, you can also prepare a demonstration that will be a combination of pyrotechnic effects and lasers. Elements that make the show more attractive are also stage effects, eg fire generators, flaming sparks or fountains. During the shows, we can also use innovative materials such as silent, or silent fireworks , which are used even in urban development.

New Year’s Eve fireworks display only with PyroTech

The possibilities are endless, that’s why we’re preparing a pyrotechnic show comprehensively. We develop a spectacle scenario, secure the area, and take care of the safe course of the show. Cooperating with an experienced team of pyrotechnics, you also have the assurance that all formalities, including permits, will be completed. To organize a spectacular spectacle with fireworks for New Year’s Eve , do not hesitate, just contact us and book your date.