New Year’s Eve in Lodz is a unique mass event that residents of the city love. Celebrating the arrival of the new year in the open air has become a kind of Lodz tradition. Tens of thousands of people are downloading a New Year’s Eve party in Lodz from all districts and nearby towns. The participants of the event, like every year, will have a lot of experience: concerts, fireworks displays and much more. During the city New Year’s Eve 2018/2019, bands and vocalists from Poland and abroad will play. The city event lasting a few hours will allow you to listen to dozens of exceptional concerts. Are you looking for an interesting idea to spend New Year’s Eve 2018/2019 in Lodz? Outdoor New Years Eve will certainly let you welcome the new year 2019 with a pump.Mobilize your friends and choose a great New Year’s Eve party 2018/2019 in Łódź.


Where will New Year’s Eve in Lodz in 2018 take place?

New Year’s Eve events in Lodz are organized alternately in several locations. These include: the square by the Manufaktura Shopping Center, Piotrkowska Street and the new Łódź Fabryczna Station. In recent years, Lodz New Year’s parties were organized with a great pomp. Residents played with music until dawn. In the repertoire of New Year’s concerts, everyone will find something for themselves. Dancing and entertainment music reigns on games. Among the performers giving full energy concerts will be those who will win over the audience who likes heavier sounds and hot hits from popular radio stations. This year, the New Year’s pyrotechnic show will be available at Manufaktura.

Why is it worth going to the city of New Year’s Eve 2018/2019 in Łódź?

The last night of the year is a good time to allow yourself full play and fun. New Year’s Eve in Lodz is a good opportunity to meet up with family and friends, together celebrating the welcome of the new year 2019. The participants of the New Year’s Eve party are awaiting the power of sensations. The main attraction of the New Year’s Eve in Lodz will be the fireworks show. The sky over the city will shine with thousands of colors. The organization of pyrotechnic shows will be taken care of by a professional company that can combine explosions, light and sound into a unique spectacle.

New Year’s Eve 2018/2019 in Łódź: an outdoor event organized by the city.

New Year’s Eve parties attracts people of all ages. It is a safe event that families with children, teenagers and adults can choose. City squares full of good energy attract people of all ages. If you do not have plans for the last night of 2018, consider attending the New Year’s urban event.

Where to buy fireworks for New Year’s Eve in Lodz?

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