Many of our clients like to act on their own. We do not want to limit you. This is an interesting alternative to the spectacle prepared by the team of pyrotechnics. A dedicated solution will allow you to limit expenses for a pyrotechnic display. We have always respected your creativity, which is why we have prepared a unique offer dedicated to the proverbial, ingenious Dobromiłom. On the basis of current wedding trends, we have prepared up to six types of pyrotechnic shows that you can start up during the event.

Do It Yourself: select the fireworks for the wedding and start them yourself.

Every young couple dreams that her wedding party will be one of a kind. When looking for an unusual attraction for a wedding, it is worth considering a pyrotechnic display that was carried out by yourself. A stunning spectacle, based on the bursts of colored shots, will be matched to the expectations of the newlyweds. Luminous spheres and colorful plumes will be a perfect background for photos of all wedding guests. During the ceremony, the Groom will have the first chance to prove himself as the head of the family. Our sets of fireworks for self-firing are placed on pallets. The selected number of fireworks batteries is connected in such a way that the firing of the fuse initiates a full, spectacular pyrotechnic display. You do not need to be a qualified pyrotechnic to initiate this spectacular wedding attraction.

Preparing a pyrotechnic show on your own, and applicable law.

We know how much to do during the wedding preparations. Customers choosing to fire up the set themselves can count on our professional assistance in legalizing the entire project. If necessary, we will bring the kit to the place of the ceremony, and our pyrotechnician will carry out a detailed training on the set operation, the proceedings before its launch and the end of the fireworks show. According to the law, firework shows can be organized alone on New Year’s Eve and the day after. These are the only dates in which an event does not need appropriate permits. It will take a while to get permission for a fireworks display, but it is not very complicated. A set of fireworks for self-firing will be constructed in such a way that even a layman can handle his firing. When we have already chosen the perfect place where the wedding ceremony will take place, we have a lot of room for maneuver. Fireworks displays in private premises require only the consent of the owner of the plot, with the signed consent we go to the City Hall. In the form, we enter the basic data about the event, inform about the time of the planned pyrotechnic show and briefly characterize the nature of the event. Important data that must be included in the application are: the type of materials used and their number. We never have a 100% guarantee that the official will agree to conduct a pyrotechnic show. If we receive a negative decision, we offer help. Working with PyroTech, you will organize a professional fireworks display for a wedding without having to go through a long official road, pay administrative fees and stress to give consent to the whole undertaking.

Prepared sets of fireworks for a wedding from PyroTech

The organization of professional pyrotechnic shows is our everyday life. We took part in the largest European festivals and small-scale birthday parties. Many years of experience in creating fireworks shows allowed us to create a plan of six framework shows that combine the best quality and reasonable price. We have an extensive database of photos and videos from the implementation, which can be used as an inspiration to create a personalized fireworks display for the wedding. Programs cover m from 300 to 650 shots. That’s enough to enchant a hundred people close to you. Each scenario guarantees a mix of effects and colors and an amazing experience. The vertical ejection of fireworks provides the participants with appropriate security. For fans of stronger experiences we have prepared options to increase the caliber of shots, complementing the show with panoramic bursts. Enthusiasts of the strongest explosions will certainly pay attention to the fireworks packages with the largest caliber, amounting to 5 ”.

Sample recording of one of our sets:

Purchase of a set of fireworks for self-firing is one of the alternatives for employing a professional pyrotechnic team. If you are looking for a way to reduce the cost of a wedding or you love to fire fireworks, our packages will definitely meet your expectations.

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