The Fire and Water Festival in Nysa is a unique event that combines spectacular pyrotechnic shows with the picturesque scenery of the Nysa Lake. Every year, crowds of spectators gather on the shores of the lake to watch spectacles.

The first edition of the festival was organized in July 2009 and by 2017 the event took place in the same month. The Fire and Water Festival in Nysa was created for a spectacular event for all residents and tourists, in which pyrotechnics and well-known and liked musicians will create a real show. By the way he helped and helps to continue to promote the city. This was confirmed by the Opole Regional Tourist Organization, giving the festival the certificate of the Best Tourist Product.

The festival lasts one day. It starts with performances by bands. The organizers try to invite someone known every year. In 2016, the “nail of the program” was the performance of the Breast. A year later, the audience presented themselves to Stachursky. Before the stars, less known or prospective teams present in the afternoon. In 2017, there were also folk dance groups from Nysa.

However, the most important part of the event are fireworks displays. The shows take place in the form of a competition, to which three Polish pyrotechnic companies are usually invited. In turn, for less than an hour, they illuminate the night sky with spectacular pyrotechnic effects. The jury’s verdict is announced around 23:00. Usually, the winner gets an impressive cup. Pyrotechnic materials on fireworks displays have been prepared many months earlier. Often the shows themselves precede additional attractions, for example, a few years ago it was a “light to heaven”, an action known also from the finals of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. It is worth noting that fireworks displays are implemented from barges on the lake, thanks to which the light effects reflecting in the water surface add spectacular to the event. Each company has its own barge at its disposal. All teams have the same budget and technical means, and compete with the screenplay scenario, background music, effects or the degree of synchronization of sound with the charges being fired. All shows at the beginning for a few minutes have a common part, and then one by one they present the spectacles they have designed. Approximately 800 kg of fireworks are fired every year.

After the pyrotechnical shows and announcing the winners, the parties are usually taken over by DJs, and guests can play with them almost until dawn. In previous years, attempts were made to add to the pyrotechnic shows such attractions as laser shows, but in comparison with fireworks they presented themselves on average. The event usually ends almost in the morning. Every year, to facilitate the arrival of the Fire and Water Festival in Nysa, the organizers open the passage through the crown of the dam for pedestrians and bicycle traffic. In addition, special lines of Nysa public transport are launched. Interestingly, on buses you can immediately buy tickets for the festival.

This year also promises to be interesting. As for now, no specific names of stars are to be spoken, but there are announcements that individual company shows will be longer. If this is the case, it will certainly contribute to the popularity of the entire festival. It will probably be held again in July, just like the previous edition.