One of the oldest and most popular pyrotechnic festivals, the Lech Fire Festival gained a new name. The event taking place in Ustka is now the Wind Festival. The name was chosen not by accident. The wind sets the rhythm of Pomorzan’s life, decides about the boats to emerge into the sea, dispels rain clouds and gives respite during summer heat. The seventeenth edition of the popular festival promises to be promising. What attractions await thousands of viewers? Will the fireworks show enthrall the audience again? What days will the popular event take place on?

Performance 4 Births and a pyrotechnic show

Professional pyrotechnic show is a traditional spectacle that has been in Ustka for many years. Masters dealing with fireworks show the audience how to make art from a perfectly refined series of shots and matching music. The evening artistic program. The performance The birth of the four elements will bring the audience closer to the audience known from the times of antiquity philosophical conception, talking about the basic elements from which the universe is built. He wondered Plato and Artystoteles in the thread of the elemental theory. During the holidays, it will turn out that the four elements play together: fire, air, water and earth.

Wind Festival: air shows new to a new festival release

Musical hits, fireworks shows and the power of colors. On the first holiday weekend, experienced pyrotechnical teams from all over Poland come to Ustka. The oldest of national pyrotechnic festivals is appreciated by fans of shows combining explosions, music and light. The organizers and participants have achieved a high rank over the last sixteen years. Although the annual Lech Fire Festival has gone to nothing, the quality of the event does not change. The preparation of the new event is done by an experienced team that dealt with the previous event. Wind festival Ustka 2018 is a great idea to start the holiday season with a pump. The four-day program of the event assumes the power of attractions for the whole family. The main of them are, of course, spectacular pyrotechnic shows. The head of the promotion department from the City and Commune Office in Ustka, Mr. Włodzimierz Wolski, announced that from the 2018 season, spectacular paraglider shows will join the regular program of the event. The whole series of sky events is perfectly associated with the new name. The flights and acrobatics of the Toruń paragliders will be a perfect prelude to evening pyrotechnic shows. The current masters and vice-champions of the world in motoparalotniarstwo will present themselves in Ustka. Specially for spectators, there will be breathtaking sky-high acrobatics, Air Armada flight and sport competitions with prizes. A great wind festival in Ustka will start on Thursday, 28 June. The first day of the festival is registration of pilots and sightseeing flights on paragliders. On Friday, the event will revive and take pace characteristic of holiday festivals. The inhabitants of Pomerania and amateurs of spending holidays on the Baltic coast will be waiting for various types of fitness competitions and field games. There will also be an interesting game for flyers. Pilots will look for characters hidden in different parts of the city, it will be a test of their skills and good fun for the viewers. Various competitions and attractions have been prepared on the ground.

History of fireworks’ Lech Fire Festiwal w Ustce

XVI and as it turned out the last edition of the “Lech Fire Festival” certainly memorized thousands of viewers from Ustka. The main attraction of the memorable event was fireworks displays , prepared by the masters of pyrotechnics. The organizers invited companies that have never presented their skills in Ustka before. The preparation of the event combining pyrotechnic effects, light and music was accompanied by healthy competition and a desire to show off. People professionally involved in pyrotechnics can create high-level cultural events that will charm anyone, even the most avid foe of fireworks. The shows, as usual, were accompanied by spectacular shots from the launcher, shimmering fans in the sky, single shots and stroboscopes. Participants and spectators were surprised by the weather. The heavy rain and strong wind made the cancellation of the event until the last moment. In the end, the shows were perfect, despite the unfavorable weather everyone was having fun with champagne. Fireworks shows were evaluated by the people involved in the venture. The chairman of the jury was an expert in the pyrotechnic industry, Wojciech Gorczyc from the Military Institute of Armament Technology in Zielonka near Warsaw. Rafał Konon, wicestarosta from nearby Słupsk, Bartosz Gwóźdź Sproketowski from the Ustka Municipal Office also voted for the best fireworks show; cdr por. Dariusz Cebulka from the Naval Training Center and Stanisław Podlewski – Director of the local OSiR. Jacek Cegła served as the secretary.

Wind festival Ustka 2018 is an interesting continuation of the well-known and popular event. The pyrotechnic shows and the stunts of the motor-paratroopers complement each other, offering viewers the power of sky-high entertainment.