International Pyrotechnic Show is an event whose main element are performances based on light, explosions and music. Directors of the events compete in creating spectacular arrangements, and the level of the event increases from edition to edition. Every year, festival guests are convinced that pyrotechnics are an art that knows virtually no limitations. The sky of three Polish cities will again shine with hundreds of colorful fireworks. One of the most popular events related to pyrotechnics attracts up to 70,000 spectators each year. It is worth planning a trip to the festival now.

International Pyrotechnic Show is an event you will remember for years

International Fireworks Festival is an event known all over the world. The advancement of this enterprise can be clearly seen in numbers. Each edition of the festival includes three unique shows prepared by the best pyrotechnics. Experienced teams organize up to three shows that are unmatched. Everyone is unique, and viewers hardly bet the best. Each pyrotechnic show requires about 7,000 explosives to be prepared. Professionals prepare installations with up to 25 km of cables. At the climax of the show, up to 500 people work on it. A properly secured zero zone, in which the loads are prepared, measures 300 meters.

The whole world loves pyrotechnic shows

Pyrotechnic events are organized on all continents. They are loved by residents of Sydney, Beijing, Moscow, Warsaw and New York. Their uniqueness lies in a properly composed scenario. A professional fireworks display has an element of drama and a fast-paced action that stimulates the viewers’ imagination, delighting their eyes for years. These kinds of shows accompany important events like weddings or corporate events. It has been known for years that fireworks are entertainment for every day of the year, not only on New Year’s Eve. Pyrotechnic spectacles is, after all, magic in its pure form. The combination of innovative techniques and hard work of the staff of people creates a unique show. The tradition associated with artificial fires dates back to the early years before our era. Initially, they served as a deterrent to evil spirits. During the Han dynasty in China, bamboos were roasted, which caused a loud bang. Fireworks accompanied the man during the prayers, so that in the most recent times they become an element of the spectacle and entertainment in a pure form.

International Fireworks Festival in Poland

The festival is organized in three Polish cities. The capital’s edition of the International Fireworks Festival has facilities at the National Stadium. International pyrotechnic shows focus the best teams of pyrotechnics, developing modern and creative scenarios of the event. Many of them win the most-known pyrotechnic competitions in the world. It’s a worldwide pyrotechnic elite. Participants from Finland, Austria and Croatia took part in the Warsaw edition of the event. The history of the Polish pyrotechnical festival dates back to 2014. The first event was organized in Katowice. The event was honored by the presence of almost 25,000 people. The next editions are breaking records, even bigger explosions and longer fireworks shows. Gdańsk also joined the cities organizing pyrotechnic shows. There is a lot going on at the Energa Stadium. In addition to the explosive show, the event is accompanied by numerous music attractions and motorcycle stunts from the FMX formula. The pyrotechnical festival taking place in three cities is a treat for all Polish citizens. It’s worth booking one of the weekends to see this unique live performance. International Fireworks Festival is also a gastronomic base that allows you to taste local specialties and numerous games and competitions for people of all ages. During an exceptional holiday of pyrotechnics it is impossible to get bored.

Spectacular firework shows

Pyrotechnic shows are an attraction for the whole family. Precisely planned shots are accompanied by matching music and a unique game of lights and lasers. There is no fear that the show will not take place due to sudden deterioration of weather conditions. Pyrotechnics know how to control the element. Shows take place during sudden rainstorms or storms. Large-scale equipment is used at large events with artificial fire. Shows with salvo of underwater shots and lights can take place during a storm. An important element of pyrotechnical events is the element of rivalry between experienced teams. Teams of pyrotechnic masters from around the world are competing in the development of interesting scenarios. The elements of the shows are planned a few months in advance, all to provide the viewers with a unique experience and full security. The Grand Prix, the main prize or festival decoration are the culmination of the hard work of a large group of people.

International Fireworks Festival is a prestigious pyrotechnic event, taking place in three Polish cities. Get to know the magic of the elements and take part in the Warsaw, Gdańsk or Katowice event.