Every year we create your calendar of events and pyrotechnic shows that take place in the teritory of our country. We hope that it will help you reach one of these spectacular events.

Below we present the schedule of shows, pyrotechnic shows and fireworks shows for 2019. The table contains the name, exact location and the form in which the event takes place. We add dates with the moment of their determination for a given year. The calendar includes only the largest pyrotechnic shows, smaller projects have been omitted.

Why is it worth being at a pyrotechnic festival?

Festivals are extremely spectacular pyrotechnic shows carried out by the best teams from the country and from around the world. Each fireworks show is a ton of pyrotechnical charges fired to the rhythm of various music, which creates the effect of a pyro-musical show. Hundreds of light and sound effects will surely impress every viewer.

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Name EventsLocationFormaData
PyroCastleIłża – CastlePyrotechnic spectacles01/01/2019 g. 19:30
FajerKatowice – MuchowiecPyrotechnic spectaclesCANCELLED
Wianki w KrakowieKrakowPyrotechnical spectacle22.06.2019
Wianki w Warszawie nad WisłąWarsawPyrotechnical spectacleCANCELLED
Wind Festival (Old Lech Fire Festival)UstkaPyrotechnic spectacle as a representation of the element of fire13.07.2019
Pyrotechnical Arts Festival: Ełk, Ogień i WodaElkFestival05-06.07.2019
The Fire and Water Festival in Nysa NysaFestival20.07.2019
International Pyromagic Pyrotechnic Shows SzczecinFestival10-11.08.2019
PyroSilesia pyrotechnic festivalKatowice Airport MuchowiecFestival31.08.2019
International Fireworks Festival – Katowice KatowiceFestivalCANCELLED
International Fireworks Festival Magic FireshowBędzinFestivalCANCELLED